Can you tell us about your book? 

Dr. Dempsey: The book’s title, Parenting Unchained, reflects the freedom that parents can experience IF they understand the way Satan tries to deceive them. You can’t avoid the pitfalls you don’t see!

What was the motivation for writing the book?

Dr. Dempsey: I felt that the Bible has much more to say about parenting than the few verses that speak specifically to parents. I saw in God’s interaction with the nation of Israel, and in Jesus’ interaction with the disciples, many great lessons on how to parent, so those lessons are explained. But most of all, I want Christian parents to avoid the parenting mistakes I made so that Christ becomes real to the next generation.

Your book was published with assistance from the National Center for Biblical Parenting. Tell us about that organization.

Dr. Dempsey: I was blessed to be able to publish under the banner of the National Center for Biblical Parenting, and I've become a great fan of that group. Working with them gave me the ability to put their logo on the spine, which brings credibility. Dr. Scott Turansky of the NCBP provided the ‘tough love’ editing every author needs. I first attended one of their seminars in January of 2008, and it was one of those 'Aha' moments. I realized that our parenting had focused on behavior, and not on training our children's hearts. Scott and co-founder Joanne Miller have published thirteen books on parenting. They've written several seminars, and they trained me among others to lead their foundational seminar. Their materials are the perfect blend of Biblical truth and practical application for parenting.

What will we learn as we read your book?

Dr. Dempsey: Satan works hard to deceive parents, and even Christian parents who want to raise spiritual champions can be deceived. I share ten particular deceptions Satan uses to get parents off track, and the Biblical truths that will shatter those deceptions.  For example, one of the deceptions is that God cares more about rules than He does about relationships. When parents use a behavior modification approach, which is rampant today, children think parents only care about behavior. Since God cares more about the heart than outward behavior, Christian parents should follow His lead.

Who should read the book and why?

Dr. Dempsey: I wrote the book especially for the Christian parent but every parent can learn from the book. The book really does speak to parents at any stage of the game, from starting out with toddlers to preparing teens for the launch. I think the book will make you laugh in some places, and convict you in others. Parenting should be a joyful experience, and when you can see Satan's traps and avoid them, you will enjoy the process much more. 

Where can we find your book?

Dr. Dempsey: On Amazon, you can also purchase Parenting Unchained at the NCBP web store.

Where can we find your website or contact you?

Dr. Dempsey: Website: and at our website contact page: Here.