Our Border Crisis - What's Missing?

crowd of refugeesThe images are sad and disturbing, but I suspect none of us seeing it on tv understands the real scope of the problem. Kids, already a long way from home, brought across a border into a strange new country, are being distributed by bus and plane to locations around our country.  Not just a few, but thousands; 60,000 this year so far. What's been missing in every conversation on every news station, both conservative and liberal, is the notion of parents being responsible. Missing in the picture above is any parent. We can talk about 3.7 billion dollars being enough or not, but there's no amount of money that magically creates the only real solution, and that's parents. They are missing--from the photo and from the conversation about solutions. I care about kids, and often I care for them. I care for my grandkids and I care for the kids at church on occasion. It's hard work. It is hard work to feed, clothe, bathe, diagnose, treat, and house them. But these are the relatively easy parts. The harder part is knowing them, comforting them, encouraging them, teaching them, correcting them, loving them--in short, parenting them. Who is going to do that? Until that question comes into the national conversation, we are you-know-whating into the wind. Sorry, but that's the West Texas phrase that comes to this West Texan mind. Any matter that has to do with kids better consider the need for parents. Governments and institutions can rightly support parents, but they can't take their place.

Politicians need to get this right, or we can make this crisis even worse for these and other children. This is a good time for us to pray for our national leadership. We need God's guidance. I'm praying that someone has the sense to get these kids back to their parents. I'm sure the parents thought this would be best for their kids, but it's not. It's not best, and it's not right. God can care for these children through loving surrogates, just as He did for Moses. He was another child sent into the river for a better life. Maybe that's where you and I come in, but even for Moses, God sent a family to care for him and allow him to grow. Raising a child is a job for a parent, not a federal agency.