At Long Last, An Honest View of Islam

Islam I've been wondering when someone would have the intellectual honesty to call Islam out for being the fertile ground from which ISIS grew. Islam is at its core and from its origin, a barbaric religion, and counter to what the God of the Bible stands for. Sure some will say the The Old Testament contained ethnic cleansing and called for stoning, but an honest reading of the Bible, Old and New Testaments, reveals God's purposes for mankind, and His call for justice AND mercy.

Islam, on the other hand, explicitly gives license to lie to, dispossess and murder those who do not submit to the prophet Mohammed or the Koran. And it took an unbeliever to state this clearly. Bill Maher, in an interview with Charlie Rose, even admits that Christianity is vastly different from Islam. Amen, brother. Go read and listen yourself. I doubt I'll agree with Maher on many points, but on this one distinction, we're sympatico.

Bill Maher on Charlie Rose

As the Bible says, you can tell a tree by its fruit.