Four Tips for Parents of Adolescents

I remember my adolescence, even though it was in a prior millennia. I'll bet you remember yours too. Mine was a classic (think A Tale of Two Cities--it was the best of times AND the worst of times.) Because adolescence is a tough, volatile time, parents need special wisdom to handle this transitional age well. I've kept the following article by Dr. Jim Burns in my 'story bank' to share with parents because it's got important information for you. Here are the first two of Dr. Burns' tips. Come back next week for tips three and four. 

Adolescence, even for the most fortunate young person, is still a difficult season of life. Kids are dealing with a lot of pain, stress and change in their lives. It is our responsibility as parents to acknowledge this reality. We must not ignore what our kids are experiencing. Rather, we must be proactive in helping them deal with it. We need to strive to understand the hurts of adolescence.

I’ve written this tip sheet for that express purpose: