Where To Sit When You Worship

Maybe you haven't considered where to sit as all that important when you go into your church's worship service. But actually, it's critical.

We even have a Bible story that tells us this strategic truth. You'll find it in Luke Chapter 10.

Jesus visited the house of two grown sisters, Mary and Martha, and Martha was occupied with making the house tidy and the dinner perfect for her guests. She was likely scurrying around the house, in and out of the kitchen. But Mary sat "at the Lord's feet, listening to His word." (Luke 10:39)

Martha complained to Jesus "It's not fair!" Ever hear that from one of your kids? Martha learned a very important hostess tip: Don't worry about the house or the meal when you need to be concerned about where to sit.

Mary knew where to sit for worship: At the feet of the One worthy of worship.

The word worship has at its root the word 'worth.' When we worship, we are assigning worth to the object of our worship. So the question becomes, "What or Who is worth our time and attention?"

At Christmas, we sing a version of 'O Come All Ye Faithful' that ends with 'For He alone is worthy.' That is so true. There's really only One worthy of our worship.

So the very best place to sit when you're worshipping is at the feet of Jesus.

The next time you gather your kids to worship, let them know you are sitting at Jesus's feet. He's there, in your private or public worship, but you need to set aside the business of life's details and set your hearts on Him.

He's giving you the Gift of Worship by giving you His presence. Sit close to Him as you unwrap that gift.