Will You Invest In Your Parenting?

Are you willing to invest a few hours to gain new parenting skills? What if those new skills could change your home from chaotic to calm? What if your new strategies could help your child learn to follow instructions and obey from the heart? There's a seminar that requires an investment of 4 to 5 hours, but the payoffs continue as long as your child lives.   

Some parents are embarrassed, thinking that they are admitting to being poor parents because they attend a parenting seminar. Other parents are just too busy. And some don't realize that their parenting skills are lacking--they just don't know any better. They repeat the parenting tactics they experienced from their own parents, both good and bad.

We all want to think of ourselves as capable of handling the expectations of adult life. And parenting is one of those expectations, right? We tell ourselves, “I should be able to raise good kids. How hard can it be? My parents did it. There are thousands of parents all around me, and they seem to get along okay.”

The flaw in this thinking is that parenting comes naturally. That's just not true. In fact, all jobs require some training. Many jobs require a degree, maybe even an advanced degree or a license. On top of that, many jobs require a certain number of clock hours of training each year to stay current.

Parenting is a multi-faceted task. It involves a working knowledge of child development, psychology, counseling, spiritual training, nutrition, motivational skills, educational skills, coaching skills, financial management, and nursing, just to name a few. Why would we think that we can handle parenting with little or no training?

Take advantage of the parent training opportunities you find. I am a fan of the seminars provided by the National Center for Biblical Parenting. I teach one of their seminars and am being trained to lead a second one as well. Their seminars are the best at combining Biblical truths with practical application of those truths. That's a powerful one-two punch that will change both you and your kids. 

Take your parenting seriously enough to invest time in training and learning. The investment will pay off for you, for your kids, and for their kids. Check out the seminars under the "Take Action" tab right here on my website, and share the information with your church leaders. Urge them to sponsor one of our seminars, then get ready to invest.