Why A Live Seminar?

Sometimes we know we need something but just don't take the time for it. Haircuts are like that for me. But if I get a little scruffy, no one is hurt (except my wife is a bit bothered.) But parent training? It's critical, and neglecting it can really hurt your parenting, and your kids. A live seminar is a great way to help the family. How do I know this?

I've received the feedback sheets, and gotten the glowing texts from parents who attend after they go home and implement the techniques they learn. I know from my own experience that the tough job of raising kids can get much easier and more rewarding IF we gain the necessary skills to give instructions well, correct our children God's way, and use God's tools to train our children's hearts.

Here are five reasons you should carve time out of your busy schedule to attend my live parenting seminar:

1. It's Biblical. You should never follow parenting advice that isn't consistent with God's word. There are many parenting books and seminars that have some good stuff in them, but God's way is different from man's way, and it's hard to spot the unbiblical stuff until it's too late. You can be sure the material I teach is rooted not only in specific biblical passages, but in the overall tone of God's loving discipline shown throughout Scripture.

2. It applies Biblical truth in ways that you can use. I was frustrated reading some "biblical" parenting books because, while they quoted Scripture, they didn't show me how to apply it in real situations. My seminar shows you the connection between the Biblical truth and the words and actions you will take to put them into motion.

3. A live seminar allows you to ask questions and get specific answers to your needs. When you read a book or watch a DVD, you don't get personal interaction. I always include a Q and A time so you can ask specific questions. Books and DVD's are good for follow up and refreshers to help you maintain your new skills.

4. A live seminar allows you to see other parents in need and hear their questions. You can identify with them, realize you have much in common, and create a community of parents who know the same material and will support you as you put these new techniques into action.

5. A live seminar creates a unique energy and commitment to implement new skills. There's just something about having an enthusiastic, living person engage you in a concentrated learning format that generates excitement and hope. It's real excitement and real hope, not because I'm giving the seminar, but because the material is just simply so good. It's God word applied, and that makes all the difference.

So click on the 'take action' button on this website and open up the seminars tab. The first seminar is Cooperation, Consequences, and Keeping Your Sanity. It's the first and most important parent training you should get.