It’s not a self help type book. It’s a go straight to the scriptures type book!
— Janna C.
Dr. Dempsey relates God’s parenting strategies with Israel in the Old Testament and Jesus’ approach with the disciples in the New to parents today. He does this so we can pattern our parenting after the true experts.
The Ten Deceptions that shackle parents are well explained and relatable. The Ten Truths are the tools all parents need to raise healthy and well adjusted children who will grow up to adults with a deep rooted faith and a contributing member of society.
The thing I like most about this book is how Dempsey opened the word of God, particularly Jesus’ examples, to bring understanding on how to parent effectively. I really never read the gospels and saw parenting techniques in them, but I sure do now...
I think this book was written for the parents of this tumultuous period of time, and though he addresses Christian parents in his title, really, I think that for the most part everyone can benefit from this book.
James not only educates families on these deceptions, but as I have seen personally, he models and encourages parents with practical tools to build godly homes.
— Lance C.