To create a Deuteronomy 6 culture, you need three things: 1.) You need to have your own authentic walk with Christ (Deut. 6:6); 2.) You need resources to help you teach Biblical truth (Deut. 6:7); 3.) You need encouragement and tools to help you live out these truths in relationship with your children (Deut. 6:8-9).

We suggest a corresponding three-part plan to create a D6 Culture:

Step 1. Grow your own relationship with Christ. Read my book to help you understand the connection between your walk with Christ and your parenting. (get the book here)

Step 2. Connect with great resources on Christian parenting. Go to our store to explore and purchase two to three of our recommended books. Start there or subscribe to our blog (click to subscribe) to receive weekly encouragement.

Step 3. Learn how to train your children while living life together: Attend our basic seminar or suggest that the seminar be brought to your church. Commit to lead a fun, active family devotion once a week. Our Family Time Training will show you how.