If you are experiencing difficulties with one of your children, maybe having someone come alongside you with a plan, advice and accountability would be helpful. I'm a parenting coach, and that's what I do--I come alongside you to help you create your own individual plan to see changes in your child's heart AND behavior. I give advice but I also hold you accountable to do the work necessary to see those changes happen. Here's a testimonial for my work as a coach...

     My name is Greta Hurst and I am writing in reference to the coaching program with Biblical Parenting University.  I was truly honored and privileged for being coached by Mr. James Dempsey the past two months.
Jim was considerate and flexible with my schedule each time we planned to talk.  As we got started, I quickly knew that Jim was well qualified to be coaching and giving advice to parenting our son, Bronson.  Jim was professional and yet very relatable.  He took time to ask questions and listened well to understand my difficulties as well as my successes.  Jim shared both his knowledge and life experience with his own children and grandchildren which I appreciated.  Jim was easy to talk to and was very transparent with his love for Jesus through our conversations.   He always spoke kindly and I felt he was very sincere in his desire to help our family.
     Without hesitation, I would certainly recommend Jim as a coach for any family looking for a parenting coach.
I would also recommend this coaching program to anyone looking for new parenting strategies and ideas for positive change from a Christian perspective.
     The coaching program offers a lot of great tools and information that I'm glad to now have in a binder to refer to when I need help.

Thank you all for this opportunity to learn from you!
With much sincerity,
Greta Hurst & Family

My coaching involves an eight week commitment (It can go longer by one or two weeks by mutual consent), and costs a one time fee of $400 plus resources (four books) that involve some required readings. Because this coaching program has been created and tested over years of practice, it has shown to be highly successful. The main reason for its success is that it is rooted in Biblical truth. For more information, contact me using the 'contact us' button at the bottom of this page.