Introducing My New Book - Parenting UnChained

The publication date of my book is drawing closer. I expect it by July 1, so in a bit of a tease, I'd like to share two excerpts to give you an overview of the book. In the first excerpt, I share from the introductory chapter, and answer directly the reader's question:

How Can Reading Parenting Unchained Help?

"If you haven’t figured it out already, Satan is a liar. And if parenting is important to God, rest assured that Satan wants to deceive parents and disrupt the transmission of their faith. Satan wants you to take your eyes off of the most important aspects of parenting and put your focus on trivial or even destructive things. Parenting Unchained helps you keep the most important principles of parenting in mind while avoiding Satan's traps. It gives you insight to make important educational and child-care decisions, and it reminds you of the importance of simply being present. Parenting Unchained explains the biblical motives for modeling, discipline, and instruction, illuminating the methods that Jesus, the Master Teacher, used. It teaches you how to help your children find their ultimate purpose in life and lays out the three final steps that will launch your children toward their unique futures.

The family is God's idea, and He intends it to be a setting for disciple making. The family is the bridge to the next generation of disciples. Sadly, this bridge is cracking under the weight of prodigal children and their discouraged parents. Satan has played a leading role in this devastation by telling lie upon lie. Parenting Unchained will help you break Satan's chains so you can lead your children to lay a foundation of faith."

In this second excerpt, I sum up the last chapter of the book by focusing on a challenge to parents:

“The challenge of this book is not just for you to let your children go out into the world; my message is to prepare them and then send them. Send them out armed with that strong foundation of relationship you formed with them. Your unconditional love is their introduction to God. Send them out with a tank full of memories of your presence in their lives. Send them out with a mental imprint of your genuine life in Christ modeled before them, disciplined in love and taught by your wise words. Send them out clothed with the experience of your family’s mission and passion. And finally, send them out armed with an active prayer life and the knowledge of the Holy Spirit. The best news is that if they have the Holy Spirit, He won’t be content just to give them knowledge. He’ll go with them, in the secret compartment of their hearts.”